Our approach to safeguarding your cloud data

Customize your data protection for your business card based on its type.

We offer multiple options and levels of security, empowering you to choose the method that best suits your card’s specific needs.

Default methods:

  • To prevent spoofing, we exclusively serve all profile data through the secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Card URLs are generated using hashed unique strings, ensuring that they cannot be predicted by random visitors.
  • To prevent any data leakage on our profile links, we block all third-party cookies and codes from accessing our dashboard and profile view.

Card Protection Methods

Simple Method:

  • Includes all the default features.
  • We prevent well-known bots and crawlers from accessing and crawling the card profile page.

Robot Plus: (Default)

  • Includes all the Simple Method features.
  • We employ a page redirection to a bot testing page, ensuring that the page is accessed only by human users.
  • Every visitor IP is being tested every 7 days to make sure it is not a bot.

PIN Protect:

  • Includes all the Simple Method features.
  • This method ensures complete security for your card. It can only be accessed through a PIN code that you can provide to the card receiver when they scan your card.

Use-case examples

For instance, if the card is intended for customer support and doesn’t pose any concerns if publicly available, you can utilize the Simple Mode.
If the card is for high-level management, they can opt for Robot Plus to ensure constant data security from robots and crawlers.